The Unforgettable Food of Puerto Princesa, Palawan

One of the things I missed in Puerto Princesa is the food. I am not a foodie nor a food critique. I don't know how to rate a food, but I definitely know which ones taste bad and which ones taste heavenly. Like what a Chinese guy on Anthony Bourdaine's No Reservations Hong Kong episode said, good food is hell on those who are trying to maintain a diet, but surely is heaven for those who don't. Not sure about the exact transcript but I guess that's what he was trying to say. I am just so thankful that food is always the last thing that fails me whenever I go outside to travel.

I was able to read some blogs on where to eat in Puerto Princesa, Palawan prior to our trip last September 9 to 11 this year. We planned and actually had a hard time squeezing these restaurants on a 3-day trip. But we have no choice but to discard some restaurants. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be back soon.

We decided to eat at Kinabuch Restaurant, Ka Lui's Restaurant and Haim's Chicken Inato. Since we joined a group tour at Puerto Princesa Underground River, we were able to eat a buffet lunch at one restaurant in Sabang. The name of the restaurant is Green Verde Restaurant. We weren't able to  eat at Balinsasayaw, Badjao Seafront as well as other recommended restaurants.

On our first night in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, we decided to eat at Kinabuch. The place is jampacked. But because we're only 3, we were able to score a small table just enough for us. As far as I know, you don't need to do reservation. You just come there, get a seat, order and enjoy the scrumptious food they offer. After eating, you can also order some bottles of beer and chat with your friends. We ordered the usual food - a plate of rice, chopsuey, lechon kawali and something which I forgot. 

The food is great. Maybe because it's the basics. No one can go wrong with lechon kawali and chopsuey. But like I said, I'm not a food critique, so when it tastes good, it's delicious!

Our 2nd day in Puerto, Princesa was devoted to our Underground River Tour. Since we don't want to worry about the permits and all, we decided to join Sis Tiara of Girtalk's group tour. The tour includes a buffet lunch at one restaurant in Sabang, Green Verde Restaurant.

And yeah, we enjoyed the food!

On our 2nd night in Puerto Princesa, we decided to eat at Ka Lui's Restaurant.

Ka Lui's!

Prior to that night, we asked the receptionist of Marianne Home Inn to reserve as a table at 8:00 pm. But I think a misunderstanding happened and by the time we came to Ka Lui's, the place is full and no reservations for us. We only knew after a couple of minutes waiting that the receptionist of Marianne Home Inn reserved us for the 7:00pm slot. Good thing, the reservations guy in Ka Lui's got a table. Maybe from some group who didn't came.

About the food, I can say we chose the wrong food. We're not really used to eating seafoods but we ordered anyway. We ordered a combination of salmon and some creepy looking green marine plant, like a seaweed. I don't know what it is. I think for someone who likes seafoods, they would love it. But for us, we don't. It was nice that they gave us complimentary mixed fruits in a plate.

Before we left Puerto Princesa on our 3rd day, we took our lunch at Haim's Chicken Inato. The restaurant is located on a large space. There are villas where people can eat.

Of course, we ordered the famous chicken inato.

The chicken may look carcinogenic but wait until you taste it. You don't really need the skin so you can throw it out. The chicken tastes really good. Of course, my favorite atchara is here. It was really delicious. I can't really explain it though it was only a chicken barbecue. You should try this!

We went home with our thoughts full (maybe because of the events I am trying to recall for my blog), big tummies and money well spent. I hope I can go back so I can savor more delicacies Palawan has yet to offer. 


  1. We also have tried Kinabuch and Ka Lui. I also enjoyed the food the Kinabuch while Ka Lui has a nice ambiance - also worth a try. I just don't know, do they have ala carte menu for non-seafood lovers?

  2. Not really sure about Ka Lui's menu. But I'm pretty much sure they have. Eating at Ka Lui is a nice experience - you take off your footwear before entering, you Indian sit, twas really worth a try!

    Btw, thanks for visiting!