Souvenirs and Pasalubong in Boracay

I admit that I am a souvenir person. I will never leave a place without taking home pasalubong for my family and myself also. My friends know that, at least the ones I've been with in my travels. I usually buy souvenirs when during the last night or the day before we leave a certain place.

My last travel as of this writing is Boracay. Obviously, like any other trips out of town, I never wasted the opportunity to buy souvenirs. Even when I'm too sleepy or tired from the activities, I will still go to the souvenir shops to buy. Even when I'm broke. Good thing, during our Boracay trip last month, I was with my younger sister so I was able to get some help shopping.

You can either buy souvenirs from the D' Talipapa, D'Mall or the stalls along the beach. From my experience, I would say that you need to really canvas first before settling on the price of one store. My friend once bought a sundress for her daughter on D'Mall for P250, only to find out that the exact same dress is being sold in one store in the beach for less than P200. She was really disappointed to find that out.

You can buy 2 white souvenir shirts for P180. That was the price when we went there last month. However, the fabric is not that good. You can find good quality shirts for P150 and up each. Black shirts are sold at a slightly higher price.

If you're looking for ref magnets, you can definitely find it here. You can get 7 to 8 magnets for a hundred bucks. There are also nice-looking magnets that are slightly more expensive. You can get 3 to 4 of them for P100. You can also buy keychains, particularly the sand bottle key chains, for P20.

Bracelets, anklets, earrings, necklaces, pearls as well as other accessories are also sold here. You can get them as low as P10 and as high as P200. 

Hats are also everywhere in Boracay. My sister and I got a pretty hat for P130. Just don't forget the power of haggling.

I hope this helps you budget your money for souvenirs and pasalubong in Boracay.


  1. so what do you prefer to buy pasalubong? d' talipapa or the stalls along the beach?