My Desperate Ways to Earn Money

I've been working freelance for almost 3 years. I started when I was in college. I was just searching then for means on how I can earn a few extra money on my own. Back then, I was determined not to rely too much on my parents as jeepney operation has been really unreliable. I was searching on JobDB, as I can recall when I first encountered the term "Virtual Assistant". I was so intrigued with the word "virtual" so I decided to search the term on Google. I was directed to the site named oDesk. I was at first hesitant since I've been into a lot of desperate ways to earn money. By the way, I've been a DXN dealer which did not succeed because no. 1, I was not a fan of their products, and I don't really like convincing people into something that I myself, am not convinced of. I also tried this pay-per-click website called Clixsense. I am not really sure if anyone has really earned from that. As for me, I got tired eventually of the cents you earn by painstakingly clicking ads, not sure if you're gonna get something from it.

Back in high-school, I was a small-time entrepreneur. That time, I sell peanuts, tamarind candy, tarts to my classmates. According to my teacher, I was one of the contributors to the daily trashes in our classroom. It was funny because it was a hit. I was not the only one selling food in class. The only time we get out of class is when we buy lunch or buy drinks during recess. Everything from bread to chocolates, from peanuts to candies can be found inside our classroom.

As I recall those desperate acts to earn money, I was more and more motivated. I even asked myself, what if I never met oDesk? What if I didn't searched for "Virtual Assistant"? What if I just let ignored oDesk thinking it could be another fake money making scheme. I was thankful I didn't. I was thankful that I am desperate because with that desperation came the drive and the passion to make things possible... and it's all worth it.


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