My Flyfish Experience in Boracay

 To this date, I still can't believe I did flyfish when I was in Boracay. My friend, Gelo, already warned us that this is really a tiring activity. Before I went to Boracay, I had no clear idea on how this activity is done. But he assured us that it was exciting.

The sight of other tourists trying out flyfish freaked me out. I am not sure if I can do it. A speedboat throwing an inflatable craft out the sea isn't a good sight especially if it's me on the flyfish craft. I could be exciting, yes, but can I survive it? I've heard a story that someone already died from it. I don't want to be the next casualty.

Honestly, I can't do anything. My friends are all trying it out. I don't want to be the person whose gonna ruin the barkada trip because I refused to join them in the activities. So I summoned all the remaining courage I have in my system. Though I was really paranoid, I just thought it would be a great experience. Plus, I have an insurance to cover me up in case something bad happens.

Flyfish is the last activity we did in Boracay. Gelo, who already tried flyfish during his last trip to Boracay, really intended to put it last since he knows its going to be tiring and energy-draining.

We availed the flyfish experience for P450. I am not sure if it's cheap or expensive since I wasn't the one who made arrangements with the agent.

Immediately after we settled with the price, we hopped on the flyfish craft. Since there are 7 of us going, we decided to have 2 crafts. 3 boys on the one craft while 3 girls and a boy on the other. I was placed on the rightmost side of the craft. Actually, the ones placed at the leftmost and rightmost are more likely to be thrown out. I didn't mind as long as my sister is securely placed in the middle. Though I was more scared than her, I have to be the 'ate' here. Haha!

At first, we were still smiling while 'kuya' on the speedboat is taking shots of us through our cameras. We were pretty excited at first. When the speedboat started speeding up, we immediately hold on to the handles so as not to fall. The boat kept on going here and there, breaking at some point.

The speedboat is starting to speed up!

Our craft went from like this!

Into something like this!

Shocks! My friend Bianca fell. I was pretty relieved that I didn't. She told us that her life vest had loosen off.

Seeing how the fall had hit Bianca, I was more determined not to fall. But I did as well as my sister! My life vest had also loosen off. Good thing, it was never entirely removed. Falling from the craft can be really frightening if you panic. Since the craft is driven really quickly, you really can't do anything once you get thrown out of it.

During the last run of the speedboat, I held to the handle tighter. Once is enough, I said to myself. The smiles of excitement and the laughs suddenly fade. I didn't mind the mucus flowing out of my nose since I have cough and runny nose that time. Spell messy and 'kadiri'. We were all focused on not falling. This time, I didn't fall. And great thing, this is already the end of our activity. We were brought to the shore.

After the activity, we realized how tiring it was. But it was really exciting and mind-blowing. Falling is another great experience. We realized that if no one fell, the activity wouldn't be as exciting as how we see it now. It could be boring or corny. This is just one great experience that I'll never forget.


  1. Cool! I want to try flyfish too. Thanks for sharing your experience. I should add it on my Boracay vacation packages that I got on Cheers!

  2. Oh, your post makes me remind of my trip to Boracay three years ago. Although we just have 4 days there, we have lots of fun and unforgettable memories. It’s a pity that now the tropical paradise is closed for preservation; so I don’t know when I can come back there. Anyways, thanks for your sharing!