Dianne's Tips for Budget-Friendly Travels

Traveling is really expensive. But it doesn't mean that it can't be cheap. The notion that traveling is only for the rich has long been gone. With the advent of airline promos, travelers were able to make traveling cheaper than a shopping spree.

I have just started traveling and I'm still on the process of learning how to make my travels easy on the pocket as much as possible. Maybe, that's normal if your not rich. You'll definitely find ways to cut on the expenses.

Here are some of the lessons I've learned when it comes to budget-friendly travels.

1. Do your research.
This is very important. You have to do your part and research for the best prices around. Me, I always check Pinoyexchange.com and Femalenetwork whenever I plan trips. First hand information are always the best. You'll know a lot of information from the people who have been there already. If you don't research, you will most likely settle on the first price you get not knowing that there's something a lot cheaper than that.

2. Always check for airfare sales/promos.
What I love about the Philippines is the amazing competition among airline companies. We all know the effect: cheap airfares. You can follow the twitter accounts of airlines as they give hints on the upcoming promos. I actually don't care if I don't get to have meals onboard or entertainment privileges. Travel time are not really long so they don't really matter much.

3. Travel in groups.
Traveling with other people can really save you a lot of bucks. Why? Because you get to divide the expenses such as hotel accommodations and transportation.

4. Stay in hostels and guesthouses.
For backpackers, hostels and guesthouses are budget savers. If you don't intend to stay inside your room the whole day, you pretty much don't need a pricey hotel. You just need a place to sleep, take a bath and leave your things at. Honeymoons are of course an exception.

5. Eat local food.
This is not just to save money. This is also a great way to experience the lifestyle in the place. You don't just eat inside the malls or eat in fastfood chains. You should try local food. Trust me, it's definitely an experience worth trying.

These are the tips I can think of for now. Maybe someday, I can write a part 2. I hope this helps!


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