All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Experience in Boracay

ATVs Ready to Go!

Riding the all terrain vehicle (ATV) is one of our activities in Boracay. I thought it was the easiest since it does not involve water. But I was wrong. It was quite challenging.

After our helmet diving activity that same day, we decided to proceed to the ATV activity. We were excited because it was something different. We rode the service vehicle going to the ATV terminal. There were quite a number of people there so we need to wait for our turn. We were given some instructions on what to expect during the activity. We also signed a waiver.

After around 10 minutes of waiting, the first batch of people came. However, the ATVs are not enough to accommodate us. So some of us chose to ride the buggy instead of waiting because we need to catch the view of the sunrise up the ocean view deck.

Choosing the buggy is not a good choice for me. Besides the fact that it's bigger, the steering wheel is hard to maneuver. The gas and break is also heavy. So I asked kuya in the picture to join me and help me out. I was sort of surprised to know that we'll be driving on a busy road where normal vehicles pass by. So there are a lot of times when I really wanted to give up. Though last, I was able to reach the foot of the ocean view deck. The scenery's great but the sun has set and it's already dark.

Going back to the terminal is a bit problematic since it was already dark. A few vehicles have headlights which serve as guide to the ATVs. I wasn't confident driving with this condition so I decided to ask my friend to drive for me. Good thing, he wanted to try the buggy so he joined me. He told me that the wheel is kind of heavy. So it's not just me. It kinda relieved me from the feeling of being the weakest of them all. We reached the terminal safely, thank God. We headed back to our guesthouse, Casa Fiesta, to have dinner.


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