Airport Shuttle To and From NAIA Terminal 3

Being a traveler, there is always the need to find ways to get to and from the airport without riding an expensive taxi especially when you don't have someone to share fare with.

I used to ride a taxi before I discovered a cheap and convenient way to reach the airport. Since most of my flights depart from NAIA Terminal 3, it was such a delight to know that there are shuttles which you can ride on going to and from NAIA Terminal 3.

The airport shuttle can be found at the back of Hotel Sogo beside MTR-Taft station. If you are from Cubao, you need to cross the overpass. Once you reached the other side (North bound), you will see an opening where jeepneys enter to reach their terminal. Go inside and you'll see the airport shuttle waiting for passengers. You have to pay P20 fare and it will bring you right in front of the entrance.

If you're coming from NAIA T3 and going to MRT/LRT, you will find airport shuttles right in front of the arrivals exit. The fare is also P20.


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