Helmet Diving | Reef Walking in Boracay


We availed the helmet diving or reef walking activity from Mang Manuel. Actually, there are a lot of locals offering this activity together with other activities in one package. But we chose to choose only the activities we're interested in. Anyway, we paid 300 pesos each for this activity.

The speedboat picked us up at around 11 am. Kuya Manuel brought us to a floating hut at the middle of the beach. This is were we'll be doing our helmet diving. First, a diving instructor, gave us some briefing on some important notes we need to remember as we go down. According to him, the depth of the water is around 12 feet - not really that deep. We will be carrying a 25-kilo helmet attached to an oxygen tank so we can breath normally underwater. The helmet will weigh around 3 kilos underwater. We also need to wear diving shoes to protect our feet from stepping into something sharp. He also taught us some hand signals since we won't be able to hear each other there. I believe, the most important thing to do down there would be to equalize so our ears won't hurt much from the pressure. Honestly, I don't feel really scared about this activity since we will be assisted by other divers.

After the briefing, we immediately prepared ourselves to go down the ladder. Once we stepped at the ladder, the helmet was placed on our heads but it wasn't released yet. That would be too heavy for us to take. Someone will help us go down. It took a minute for me to get the hang of it. Sometimes, water enters the helmet but it was eventually removed. The only problem that we had is that there aren't much to see. We even joked that maybe, the fishes were already full. There are actually more fishes during our snorkeling activity. But definitely, we were happy since we get to have our pictures taken underwater as well as videos. Overall, the activity is fun. It's just that it's much better if there are fishes because that's what we were there for. I hope next time, if we go back, we'll be able to have our photos with the marine animals.


  1. i heard Bohol now offers helmet diving too (they call ti sea walker), panalo yun for sure. very rich ang sanctuancy nila dun! =)

  2. wow! maybe i should ask my friend in bohol about that. thanks chyng for visiting my blog! :-)

  3. Found your blog entries helpful! Thanks! :)

  4. I'm a bit afraid to try this since I don't know how to swim, but thanks to you for telling that there are divers that will assist you. Maybe will include that in my Boracay tour packages that I got on www.boracaygo.com. Thanks!