Sunkissed in Boracay: Boracay Island Hopping Tour

Among all the activities we did in Boracay, I can say that this is the most easy to arrange. Boats are everywhere. Hindi ka talaga mauubusan. Boatmen will also approach you all the time to ask if you have already gone island hopping.

Our negotiation for the island hopping tour happened really fast. Bianca and I were seating on the chair along the beach when a boat man approached us. Same question as everybody: 'Nag-island hopping na kayo, mam?' We don't show much interest and said, 'Hindi pa po.' It was just supposed to be just a short conversation until Bianca asked Manong, 'Magkano po?' Kuya told us that the small banca can be rented at P1300. It can accommodate, I guess, around 5-7 people. We were 11 so definitely, we won't fit. We rented a bigger one which we got at P1700. It already included the snorkeling gears we used.

Our friends were still sleeping so we told Manong to wait for us at around 8 am so we can all prepare. And since our friends were quite tired, 8 am became 10 am. Manong came at 8 am but since we're not ready yet, he waited for us outside.

We rode the boat at around 10 am and headed to Bulabog beach. After around 30 minutes of boat ride, we reached the snorkeling site. There are other people already snorkeling so we became excited. Actually, at first, we have no plans on snorkeling but when we saw the fishes, we were amazed. Philippines is really well-endowed with marine life.

After about 30 minutes of seeing the wonders of the sea, we decided to proceed with the island hopping. We were asked if we want to go to Crystal Cave, but since there's an entrance fee of 200 pesos each, we declined. Yes, we're kuripot!

We reached Puka Beach after 20-30 minutes. This beach is different from the others since it has puka shells rather than white sand. It was really difficult walking on these. But it's worth the pain since the place is really serene. When we came, there are quite a few tourists so we were able to enjoy it. The water is clear. We spent another hour or so here taking pictures and swimming. There are also restaurants in the area but we didn't tried eating there. There were also ice cream vendors walking around. The price is way steep at P50 each popsicle. But we bought, anyway. Who can't resist ice cream? Hehe!

Manong called us saying that it's time to go. It was already past 1 pm but we didn't feel hungry because the place is really amazing. We got back to Casa Fiesta after 30 minutes. While on our way, we were able to see a few other attractions such as the alleged Manny Pacquiao Resort, Shangri-la Boracay as well as other luxurious resorts in Station 1.

Puka Beach

Shangri-la Boracay

Manny Pacquiao's alleged resort in Boracay


  1. and there's manny pacquaio's resort. bata pa ko yan na sinasabe ng boatmen, so probably it's true =)

  2. oo nga eh. tinatanggi pa nila. :-)

  3. That is the Boracay West Cove. I saw a picture of Manny Pacquiao in that resort in Boracay before, then not anymore.