Planning a Trip to Hong Kong

Credits to Rayed AlFaraj

Finally, after 2 years, my dream to travel abroad is almost here. On December 11, 2011, me and my boyfriend will be conquering Hong Kong for the very first time for 3 days/2 nights. 

I've wandered around and Girltalk to check out some tips and recommendations from those who have been to Hong Kong already. It was such a great help because with those tips, I can feel that I already knew Hong Kong. I want the trip to be seamless as much as possible. But I'm also open to some adjustments with the schedule. After all, this trip is not a race. It's meant to be a vacation where we can relax. 

Though the trip will only be for 3 days, we wanted to make the most of it by seeing the most recommended tourist attractions for first timers. On my list are Disneyland, Avenue of Stars, Ngong Ping Village via Ngong Ping 360. During free time, we'd like to get a real feel of how life goes in Hong Kong. We'll explore their food, the streets as well as ride public transportation, as what Hong Kongers usually do. We'd like to avoid the taxi. We'd like to experience getting lost but not all the time, of course.

I booked Golden Crown Court which can be found along Nathan Road near the Mirador Mansion. According to my fellow Girltalkers and Pexers, Golden Crown Guesthouse and Taisan Guesthouse are two recommended hostels for first timers in Hong Kong. By the way, I chose to book a hostel because we'll be staying outside most of the time and booking a posh hotel will just divert our attention from exploring Hong Kong.

So far, the hostel is the only pre-booked thing for our trip to Hong Kong. I plan to buy tickets to Disneyland in CTS (China Travel Services) located at the airport. I believe there's also another branch along Nathan Road.

This is the first part of my Hong Kong travel series. Stay tuned!


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