An Unexpected Birthday Present -- Ham

On my 24th birthday, my boyfriend, Cris gave me a shih tzu terrier puppy. I called her Ham. Yes, she's a girl and I so love her now.

She's my baby. I love being around her.

I can still remember the time when Cris told me that's he's gonna surprise me with a gift on my upcoming birthday. I was so intrigued as to what this gift could be. During my previous birthdays, he either gave me a jewelry or nothing. We don't give as much gift to each other. So this one is kinda really controversial. He gave me clues which I never really got a hint from. I just told him one thing which I believe has given him quite a doubt if I'm gonna like it.

"Ibigay mo na lahat ng regalo wag lang hayop."

And so he told me,

"Tatanggapin mo naman diba kahit ano ang ibigay ko sayo?"

I still have no clue. And I said yes. I know whatever he's planning to give me, it will surely make me happy. After all, he's been giving me happiness for more than 7 years.

So I was left clueless until my birthday.

He went to my house on a late afternoon bringing a cage with a puppy inside. My initial reaction is, "oh my God!" I have no idea how to handle this. I am not sure I'm going to be happy. Honestly, the present gave me mixed reactions. I don't know what to say. My boyfriend just gave me a gift which I never really imagined having.

I told him honestly that I am really worried on how to take care of a pet. I am not a pet person, I admit. And I am not too well-off to spend on pet supplies and pet care. Especially now that money is tight.

He told me he's going to help me. I was relieved for a while but still hanging thinking and worrying if I can really take care of it.

I named my puppy Ham. I got it from the name of the chimpanzee that went to space sometime in history. My father calls her Potchie. I don't know why.

I'm just glad that my family welcomed Ham with open arms. They all loved her. My sisters adore her. And gradually, I got more and more into Ham.

This is Ham. This picture was taken during her first few days with us. I think this was the first time she ate dog food in our house. All she ate during her first day is milk and bread. I realized she's starving so we bought her the right food.

Day by day, Ham is getting really fat. She's so cute. Day by day, we get to discover a lot about her. She plays and cuddles a lot. She loves to sleep. She loves to eat.

I am so thankful now that I got her. Though it came as an unexpected birthday present, Ham proved to be a pleasant surprise which I am going to cherish forever.

Thank you Cris. You always know what makes me happy. I love you.


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