Champ's Aqua Farm - Bulacan, Bulacan

My favorite gay friend Ramil invited us for a picnic party in what he called, Aqua Farm located in Bulacan, Bulacan. Aqua Farm or Champ's Aqua Farm is a nice place in Bulacan, Bulacan where you can actually go fishing and have it cooked fresh. Evelyn, my long-time friend also joined us.

I searched about Aqua Farm online so I can have an idea of what it looks like. That's what I usually do whenever it's my first time to visit a place. At least, I would know what to expect. To my surprise, there's no entry about Champ's Aqua Farm so I just decided to go.

So me, Cris (my boyfriend), Ramil and Evelyn together with Michelle (Ramil's niece), Serge and two others went there on a Sunday to make the most out of the long weekend holiday. Serge and Michelle, whom we met the first time, brought a car. Before going to Aqua Farm, we stopped by the market to buy food.

Then we headed to Aqua Farm.

Champ's Aqua Farm

The place looks nice but it still needs a LOT of improvement. I think, by the way it looks, it offers a province-experience for people who want to escape the hustles and bustles of the city. There are cottages offered at a price of P650. There are also villas like the one above for those who want to spend the night. The one in the picture above costs P2500. The villa on the photo above has 2 bedrooms, air-conditioned. Perfect for families. There's also a small swimming pool which has a depth of 5 feet. Really small. There's also a place where you can celebrate parties. But it's not that big. I guess it can only accommodate around 50-70 guests. The construction of some amenities are still ongoing so there's not much to expect now.

Fish pond where anyone can actually catch fresh tilapia

Fish pond where anyone get catch fresh tilapia

As I already said, Champ's Aqua Farm still needs a lot of improvement when it comes to its amenities. There are still areas which I think need landscaping. More villas should be added to accommodate more guests.


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