Guide to oDesk Newbies - How to Land a Job?

oDesk, one of the, if not the most popular online marketplace for Pinoy freelancers is becoming bigger and bigger each day. Of course, who wouldn't like the idea of working at the comfort of your home. You earn dollars and spend it here. You don't need to go out and commute everyday. Most importantly, you manage your own time. There are no limits on how much you can earn.

Just like any other job, getting a job in oDesk is not that easy. Remember that you're not just competing with fellow Filipinos. You compete globally. Filipinos have set a good record for high quality work in oDesk. Filipinos are a sought after providers. A lot of foreigners prefer Filipinos because of excellent communication skills, professionalism and top caliber work.

However, with the growing number of Filipinos in oDesk, not to mention other nationalities, it has become really difficult for some particularly the newbies to land a job. Competition is getting tighter and tighter every day. You don't just compete with skills and qualifications, you also compete with your bid. If you happen to be a newcomer, then it's a lot difficult.

As a newcomer in oDesk, you have to consider some things. Number 1, you don't have experience. So definitely, the employers seeking for possible providers don't have any reference of your previous work. Imagine oDesk as a big grocery store. As a shopper, you will most likely go for those which is already tried and tested, those which either you have bought before and got satisfied with or those which have already been tried by other people. There may only be a few who will risk on getting an unknown brand.

Like a grocery store, oDesk is a big marketplace where employers shop for possibly good providers. If you are a newcomer, then you need to stand out from your competitors. So the question is, how do I stand out among the hundreds of oDesk applicants?

If you are an oDesk newbie, you will most certainly think that the best way to land a job is to make your bid low. Sure, it works but not all the time. Being a newcomer does not mean you have to put a $0.90 per hour bid. You need to know whom you are going to work for.

Established companies who outsource their jobs in oDesk mostly do not skimp on budget. They care most about getting the job done accurately and on time. Individuals who outsource their tasks to oDesk providers mostly consider first the bid more than the profile. This is just how I saw it since I started getting jobs through oDesk. This may not work all the time. Anyway, some employers indicate their budget on their job advertisement so you will most likely have an idea about their budget.

You don't just need to dwell much on the bid. Maybe you need to look at your profile.

Aside from the bid, employers also look at the applicant's profile. They evaluate if the applicant, based on the profile, is capable of doing the job. So whether you bid a high or low rate, it will always be your profile that will determine the employer's final say.

Create an outstanding profile. Take as many test as you want. If you can, ace them. A professional looking profile will surely attract employers. You want to create an impression that you are serious about the job and even if you are a newbie, you can definitely compete with the experienced providers. List all your skills and abilities. If you have a portfolio of previous jobs outside, this will also help. This may take a lot of work, but it will definitely be worth it. Once you get your first job and do your best on it, everything follows.

Invest on Good Ratings and Feedbacks
Ratings and feedbacks really are the lifeline of oDesk providers. Getting good ratings in oDesk will give you greater chances of getting hired in your future job applications. It is also a great way to reinforce your profile. This will give the employers the impression of how you work and sometimes, how fast and accurate you get the job done.

Just remember...

Small bid + Crappy profile = 50% hired
Average bid + Impressive profile = 90% hired
High bid + Great feedbacks + Impressive profile = 99% hired

Goodluck on your job hunting!


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