Tips on How to Look for VIP E-mail Addresses

During my first months in oDesk, I had a list of online jobs in mind which I deliberately avoid. Those are the jobs which I know in my mind (and in my I cannot do. There are some jobs which I cannot perform before.

Before I started accepting SEO jobs from my clients, I was really wondering what SEO is and how it works. Most jobs in oDesk require knowledge in SEO, link building, SEM and the likes. One thing I know about it is that it is all about marketing and advertising. That's it. But I'm not talking about SEO here. Maybe on my next posts...

Aside from SEO, I intentionally avoid jobs that require me to research the e-mail addresses of CEOs, Presidents, Heads, in short, company VIPs. Why? Because I have no idea how to look for them. Will I call the office? Will it be as simple of googling the names? No, it wasn't.

Before I apply for a certain job, I make sure I know how to deal with the job. That's one of the rules when it comes to looking for a job in oDesk, which also applies when you look for a regular job. You have to know how to perform the job. Or else, in the case of online jobs, you'll get a really bad feedback.

One time, I applied for a research job that requires looking for VIP email addresses. The employer attached a list of the VIPs to be searched. So I tried some names so in case, I got the email addresses online, I can proudly bid for the job. But yeah, it wasn't that easy. A lot of companies do not disclose the email addresses of their employees, what more the heads of department and officers. That's why I never applied for such jobs. I don't want to risk it.

Until my buyer, Dan taught me how to do so. I didn't apply for an email search job, though. He hired me to become his Virtual Assistant. But one time, he asked me to do a research of company VIPs because he was trying to apply for a certain job. I had no choice but to do it. After some trials, I told him that I cannot find the e-mail addresses. So you see, it always pays to be honest. If you can't do it, tell your employer. So Dan taught me. And this, I'm going to share to everyone in the following paragraphs.

Here are some tips on how to look for VIP E-mail Addresses:

1. A lot of VIPs have done company talks or even university talks. Some of them have become professors and lecturers. So it's great to take advantage of this. Google search has a feature where you can actually filter your search using some algorithms (is the term right?). When looking for e-mail addresses, you may want to look for the presentation documents uploaded by their students or audiences online. These presentations are in the form of powerpoint or pdf. You may search the nameof the professor followed by filetype:pdf or filetype:ppt

Example: Steve Jobs filetype:pdf or Steve Jobs filetype:ppt

It would also help if you put quotation marks on the name so the search engine will only yield results of that exact name. Like this:

Example: "Steve Jobs" filetype:pdf or "Steve Jobs" filetype:ppt

If you're lucky enough, you'll surely find the person's e-mail address on more than one search result.

However, this does not work all the time so if this fails, you may want to resort to other means.

2. You can also type in the name of the person along with +email or +contact. This means that you want a result that contains the said words, email or contact. More likely, the contact details in the form of e-mail will appear on your search result. If this fails, there's another way.

3. This one's more of a trial and error method. During the course of your email hunt, you can encounter the e-mail addresses of the other employees of the company in which your prospect is affiliated with. Usually, you'll come across the secretary's e-mail address, or perhaps the public relations officer's. Such e-mail addresses are mostly open to the public. You can see the structure by which the e-mail addresses are written. For example: That happens. Sometimes, it would be like So it's important that you observe these things. You can also list your guesses and google each of them. You will most likely see if those e-mail addresses exist.

Searching e-mail addresses can be a tricky task for some. But with the right strategies and tips, you'll definitely find it! You just need to maximize the features of the search engines.

Hope this helps! :)

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