oDesk Buyer Payment Verification

Payment verification is required for every buyer or employer in oDesk. This is required in order to ensure that we, providers or employees get paid. Having a verified payment method helps an employer to attract potentially good employees. Of course, who would trust an employer who does not have a clear means of paying his/her employees.

Though it is a major oDesk requirement, employers can still post job advertisements. They can also hire. However, until verified, applicants can see something like "Payment Method not verified".

Not all employers who have unverified payment methods are bogus or scams. Some employers have just started in oDesk. Some have ongoing payment verification. In that case, the employee should wait until the employer's payment method gets verified before starting the work. Always keep this in mind: Never start the work until the payment method gets verified. You might end up scammed. Although they may offer other payment methods but please, please be cautious.

So how long should I wait until our employer's payment method gets verified?
First thing, you should ask your employer regarding the status of his payment verification. Verification starts once he enter his payment method, probably credit card details.

From oDesk:

oDesk accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. Employers in the USA who intend to spend at least $500 per week may apply to pay by check. Virtual card numbers, gift cards and prepaid cards are not accepted.
At this time, employers cannot pay with PayPal, Western Union or any other online payment vendor. But please check back periodically as we're continuously working to expand the options for our users.

The buyer is given 7 days to complete the verification of his payment method. You will know if your employer has already submitted his payment verification requirements. There should be either "not verified" or "in progress". If the buyer's payment verification is "not verified", better ask your buyer if there's a problem. Normally, the verification process generally takes 2 (two) to 3 (three) days.

There are times when the verification process becomes problematic so it's not always the employer's issue. Always remember, good communication leads to a successful and fruitful oDesk relationship. :)


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