Can I Hide Odesk Feedbacks?

During my first few months in oDesk, I was quite nervous about getting negative feedbacks from employers. I don't want to spoil my hard-earned reputation as a Virtual Assistant. Having a negative feedback will surely affect your future applications as most potential employers rely on them whenever they're evaluating applicants.

There are cases when you need to hide your oDesk feedbacks. Not all employers are honest in giving feedbacks. Some have unreasonable and worst, impossible requirements which lead to us, employees ending the contract. When that happens, surely, some employers will get back at you and leave you with a not so nice rating and feedback. And worse, they won't pay you. So how do you deal with that?

oDesk has a feature which allows users to hide the comment. You can go to the Ended contracts page of your Odesk account. You can find something like, "Make employer's comment private". You can click that if you want to hide your employer's nasty feedback.

However, the ratings will still be there unless your net payment is less that $1. So in essence, your feedback will automatically be hidden if your employer did not pay you.

But if your employer does, there's no way that you can hide the feedbacks. oDesk likewise protects the employers the same way that it guarantees payment to employees.

There are also grounds for oDesk to automatically remove feedbacks. Here are they:
oDesk reserves the right to remove any feedback from the system at any time, including but not limited to feedback:
  • Containing language that is profane, vulgar, racist or "adult" in nature.
  • Not directly related to transactions conducted through oDesk.
  • Making any reference to actions taken or purported to be taken by oDesk or any law enforcement organization.
  • Submitted by a user who is either in violation of any of oDesk’s policies or user agreement or has conducted any fraudulent transaction.
  • Submitted by a user who provided oDesk with false contact information during the transaction period (as verified by oDesk) and cannot be contacted by oDesk.
  • Submitted by a user who is participating in an oDesk transaction with the intent of leaving feedback as part of a campaign to harass oDesk member(s) (as verified by oDesk).
  • Intended for another user (user who made the mistake must contact Customer Support). This does not apply to feedback that was mistakenly marked negative instead of positive or vice versa or otherwise needs to be changed. In these cases the recipient should enable changes to have the feedback corrected by the party who made the mistake.
  • In accordance with a ruling or settlement agreement from a valid and certified dispute resolution service or court order finding that the disputed feedback is slanderous, libelous, defamatory or otherwise illegal.
Source: oDesk


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