Mayon Volcano, Albay

The majestic Mayon Volcano

After seeing the Mayon Volcano spewing smoke right before my very eyes, I can't help but think how beautiful the Philippines is. How nature has molded Mayon towards perfection. That's why I don't believe when people say Mayon Volcano has lost its perfect cone. If that isn't a perfect cone, what is it?

So we went to Albay for the usual work-related stuff. I love my work! :) Everytime we do fieldworks, we never forget to do side trips. We didn't expect to enjoy the scenic Albay as early as stepping out of the bus. Who wouldn't exclaim "Wow" when you see this view?

By the way, we rode the bus at Araneta Bus Station Cubao on the night of May 24, 2010 so we can sneak in some good night sleep.

Here's another view of Mayon Volcano

I suggest you take a shot of Mayon Volcano in the morning. Because in the afternoon, you'll be left with something like this:

This picture of Mayon Volcano is obviously taken from another location which is so familiar to each one of us. We normally see this in Sibika at Kultura books, or perhaps even in postcards. I was so happy when we visited Cagsawa Ruins in the afternoon. However, we weren't able to get a good view of Mayon Volcano.

There are only a few people in the area when we arrived. So we took advantage, shot photos and even went inside the Cagsawa ruin. As we all know, this is what is left after Mayon Volcano erupted in 1814.

If you wish to get nice photos of you with the Mayon Volcano and Cagsawa ruin as background, you can approach the locals who offer their services. They usually roam around the area approaching tourists if they want to have their picture taken. Of course, for a corresponding charge. They even offer to edit your pictures. We didn't avail the service since we brought our own cameras.

Since it's noon time and it's so hot, we decided to go to the nearby souvenir shops to look for pasalubong. Here's what we saw:

You'll see the whole stretch of the souvenir shops when you go to Cagsawa Ruins. Most of the stores sell the same thing so don't just stick to one store. You do the canvassing first before you settle. And of course, don't forget to haggle. :)


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