La Union

We went to La Union to work. Yes, to work. But we always take even a moment to stroll around and see at least an interesting spot. We only have a day to work and see La Union. So we never got to really enjoy the place as much as Davao.

We rode the Partas bus to La Union. We departed Manila at around 2am. Around 8am, we reached San Fernando, La Union city proper.

The bus dropped us here.

We took minutes to stroll around the area. Since we don't want to bring our bags around, we decided to check in our heavy bags in a nearby hotel. I believe it's the Plaza Hotel. I never got a chance to go inside since only one of us (we're 3) allowed to get inside the single occupancy room we rented for our things.

We took our breakfast in Jollibee before we finally headed to our destination for work.

Work, work, work...

So moving on...

It only took us a few hours to do work. So we decided to wander around and see what the place got. We only have a few hours left before we head to Ilocos Sur for our next field work.

The church.

Town plaza.

The busy streets.

While walking around, we saw from afar a big statue of Jesus Christ. We asked around how we can reach it. We can ride a tricycle but we decided to walk instead. It's very tiring since we have to go uphill. Tired and sweaty, we were able to reach the statue.

The statue of Jesus Christ.

The statue is really huge. We didn't even reach the foot.

The view from the statue

We decided to go to Ilocos after this quick sight seeing. :)


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