Sorsogon: The Last Frontier of Luzon

After our short Albay stint (May 25, 2010), we went to Sorsogon for an ocular inspection. My past work was about sea ports so we were required to do inspections in selected ports in the Philippines. That's why I have these travel opportunities. But we never forget to do side trips to check out something new. Everytime we visit places, we make it a point to find interesting places to check out.

We rode the vans to Sorsogon in Legazpi transportation terminal. There are vans there going to Donsol but we rode the van going to Sorsogon city. We plan to stay there for a night before going to Matnog the following day. We didn't stay in Matnog because we learned that there's not much place to stay there. And of course, we want to experience Sorsogon beach even just for a day.

We spent the night at one beach in Bacon District. We rode a tricycle from Sorsogon City. It was around 15-20 minutes ride. There are a lot of beach resorts in the place. But we stayed at New Seabreeze Beach Resort. We just need a place to crash for the night and we do not have much options as other resorts only got nipa hut cottages.

We checked out the beach. The sand isn't white like Boracay. The shoreline is not as wide as the famous beaches you'll see around. There's no touch of commercialization. You won't see bars here. I think we were the only tourists around.

The next day (May 26, 2010), went to Matnog, Sorsogon. The place is so rural and there's not much to see around. The jeepney ride from Sorsogon city to Matnog is just pure forests, rice fields and cliffs. There's also one part when there's no signal.

I learned that this town houses the port that connects the island of Luzon to Visayas. Amazing, eh? Which explains the pictures below.

When you enter the gate of the Matnog port, you'll see an arch which says,

This is pretty amazing for me. Especially because that time, I still haven't gone to Visayas. And with just a RORO ride from this port, I can reach Visayas, specifically Allen, Samar which is on the other island.

We walked further and saw that the other side of the arch says,

I think there's still a lot to see in Sorsogon that we haven't looked at yet. Due to time-constraints, we haven't seen the whale sharks in Donsol or even appreciate the beauty of Mt. Bulusan. I hope I can come back next time. And by that time, I'll make sure I won't be dealing with work at the same time.


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