Review: Bioessence SM Marilao

I decided to post a review of Bioessence SM Marilao branch after reading a lot of comments and complaints regarding the awful services of merchants who advertise on group buying sites. And yes, I'm one of them.

Last April 6, 2011, I bought a voucher of Bioessence's 60 Minute Spa Indulgence, Facial and Back Massage from priced at P300. The regular spa service has a regular price of P600. Since I love going to spas and the nearest branch is just one ride away from our house, I undoubtedly availed of the promo. Aside from that, I think of it as a way to try out the services of Bioessence before I avail the regular priced services.

After purchasing a voucher, I immediately called the branch to reserve. So I was booked Friday, 3pm. They told me that they will reserve that time for me so I will be accommodated first. The receptionist is really polite. But I can sense that she has no idea about Plejee and the deal offered by Bioessence. She told me to bring the voucher which I believe is really the standard procedure.

So I went there Friday and I saw that there are quite a number of people waiting outside. I asked the receptionist regarding my reservation. They asked me to wait for a while. So I waited. I can see that they are quite not sure about the deal as I only gave them a printout of the voucher. I waited around 30 minutes until they finally went to me and asked if I can wait a little longer because there are a lot of people being accommodated. In my mind I said, what's the use of the reservation I booked if I won't be accommodated on the agreed time?? Still I maintained my composure and asked them if I can rebook to a later date. I just told them that I have a commitment and I won't be able to wait any longer. But the truth is, I don't want to spend another 30 minutes there. By that time, I might have lost my patience already. I don't want to make a scene. Yes, I only paid P300 which is half the regular price but that does not entitle them to forget customer service.

So I told them, I'll come back on Monday.

Monday came.

I went to SM Marilao again. I approached the receptionist and she politely asked me to wait for a while as they prepare. After a while, she returned and told me to enter one of the rooms. I guess this is it. So I was given a massage which is quite average. The massage took about 20 minutes, as I can remember. After the massage, the lady asked me to transfer to the facial cleaning area. The attendant is nice. Actually, they are all nice. It's the usual facial cleaning. They put the usual cleansers, applied steam and prick. Don't expect that they will give you a full facial cleaning. They just made a few pricks and I'm done. Waiting for them to accommodate me is even longer. Aside from the usual offers to buy their toners and moisturizers which I refused, that's all I got for P300.

I was kinda turned off that these merchants only use this group buying schemes to EARN to think that this would be a great opportunity for them to gain more long-term customers. If I were them, I will use it to introduce our services, to prove that we are better than their competitors. That didn't happen. Instead, they made me think their services are crap and so, I will never attempt to avail their services again.


  1. Good thing you had this post. I'm planning to inquire for their slimming service.
    Thanks for the idea..