Withdrawing Paypal Funds to Unionbank Eon Debit Card

After 2 years of great bank transactions with Metrobank, I decided to try withdrawing Paypal funds to Unionbank Eon Debit card. I had no problems with Metrobank and I never intended to switch to Unionbank. I actually opened Unionbank Eon account to verify my Paypal account since my credit card is already expired. But since I heard a lot of great reviews about the ease of withdrawing Paypal funds to Unionbank Eon debit card, I decided to give it a try.

I was surprised that Paypal-Unionbank Eon debit card only takes 2 days. So if I withdraw my Odesk earnings on a Wednesday, I will be able to receive my money on Friday. Aside from that, Unionbank does not charge even a single peso for withdrawals. That's really great! However, since the nearest Unionbank branch in our area is 2 towns away, I usually withdraw my money using other ATMs where I was charged a corresponding bank charge. But that's small compared to what I get to save when withdrawing to Unionbank. Now, I usually withdraw Paypal funds to Unionbank Eon debit card. As of writing, I have not experienced any problem getting my earnings. :)


  1. Yes, it only takes 2-5 business day to withdraw funds from paypal to your Unionbank account. Also they don't have a fee receiving funds from PayPal, not like to other banks.

    By the way, I knew a faster way withdrawing PayPal funds in just a few minutes using the withdrawal service of Peso Exchanger. Peso Exchanger can exchange your PayPal funds to cash to your Unionbank account via online banking. Peso Exchanger is available from Mondays to Sundays and even on Holidays. How does Peso Exchanger's Withdrawal Service works? Check this link for more information about it http://pesoexchanger.com/how-does-it-work/

  2. scam this pesoexchanger. if u transfer ur funds from them theres a possibility that ur funds may never give it to u. haha