Tacloban City

I had a work-related trip to Tacloban in April 29-30. We haven't experienced anything special during the trip pretty much because we have no time looking for adventures in Tacloban.

The flight to Tacloban is the longest hour in my life. Why? Because it's raining really hard. What's worse about the experience is that there's lightning plus the turbulence. Scary! We reached Tacloban airport on the night of April 29. Thank God we were able to reach the place safely.

The airport is small and very basic. Outside the airport, you will see a lot of tricycles waiting for potential passengers. Since the hotel we booked in doesn't offer free airport transfers, (I think they don't really offer one) we were left looking for the cheapest tricycle fare. Going to the hotel, the tricycle driver charged us around 100-150 bucks as far as I can recall. We're already tired so we didn't haggle any longer. So we went to the Hotel D' Angelo to spend the night.

Hotel D' Angelo - credits to source

The view of the San Juanico Bridge from our hotel room

The hotel is situated along an intersection in Tacloban so you won't have a hard time looking for the hotel.

The first thing we did after we checked in our rooms is to find a place to eat. No matter how ordinary the place is, we see to it that we have a taste of what the place has to offer. We asked around for a nearby restaurant, preferable what they think is the best in the area. We were told that Ocho Seafood and Grill is a must try. So we we rode a tricycle to the said restaurant.

We ordered 3 sets of dishes to satisfy our hungry stomachs. :)



I forgot what this is. :)

We weren't allowed to take pictures of this. Dunno why, but before they knew it, we were able to capture one photo. :)

View of San Juanico Strait from a Tacloban fastfood chain

We have to go to Ormoc, Leyte the next day for work. We rode the DupTours van to Ormoc City.

Bye Leyte! :)


  1. i think pakbet yung isang food natin. :)

  2. @rogers: ah oo nga! ako nga pala umorder nyan!