Davao City - The Hotel

We stayed at Davao Tower Inn. I was the one who arranged for our hotel accommodation. I don't want to screw up and have my friends stay in a not so good hotel. But I also do not want to spend too much of our pocket money so I decided to book our stay at a mid-range hotel, or inn as the name says.

Davao Tower Inn

Davao Tower Inn is located in downtown Davao. As you can see in the picture, it's directly facing the road so we didn't have a hard time strolling around. The hotel has free airport transfer via van. Just a tip. If you want to avail of the free airport transfer, you have to tell it to the receptionist a day before. So if you're coming to Davao, call the hotel a day before and if you're leaving, do the same thing.

We came a bit earlier than the check in time so we decided to leave our things at the reception area so we can eat out. By the way, the hotel is very near malls and restaurants. You can just walk. No need to ride a jeep or taxi. However, since the hotel directly faces the main road. So you might as well be ready for some tolerable noise at night. But since we're too tired to think of the noise, this wasn't much of an issue for us.

Inside the triple sharing room

The room is clean by the way and does have a strong air conditioning system. They have regular cleaning schedule. We even appreciated the swan towels on top of our beds every time we get back to the hotel.

Also, there's a TV and a phone.

As I can remember, it only costs around 1000 pesos per night. You can check their website for a more updated rate.


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