Davao City - The Flight

We went to Davao for a business cum leisure trip. It's my first time to ride an airplane and for me it's a bit exciting because I'm with my officemates who eventually became my friends. It's a thrilling experience after hearing people about their first time airplane stories. :) We went to Davao City via Philippine Airlines. I still don't have any idea about the disappointing flight delays since Philippine Airlines was able to send us to Davao on time. I guess, even a bit earlier from the scheduled arrival time.

My ticket. :)

I think our ticket was a bit expensive. I think 6000 pesos each roundtrip. We don't care. We're not paying for it. But if I was to go on a trip, I won't splurge an entire-trip-worth of money for tickets. :)

While waiting for our plane.

There's our plane!

Snacks onboard. Bravo biscuits and some salted peanuts plus a cup of coffee.

Here we are!


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