The Great Bohol Adventure | Lost Horizon Beach Resort, Panglao, Bohol

 Photo courtesy of Bianca Tawagon. :)

For our 3days/2nights trip to Bohol, we opted to stay at Lost Horizon Beach Resort in Panglao, Bohol. It was a really long search before I was able to find this resort. At first, I was leaning towards Dumaluan Beach Resort since I want a quieter Bohol experience. But having my high school friends around, I don't think it's possible. They chose the active Alona Beach so I was left searching for another beach resort.

I asked Ms. Kathy, the wife of Kuya Tatsky, whose been assisting us with the resort hunting activities. She has contacts with hotels and resorts in Bohol so I asked for her help to make it easier for me to find a decent and cheap beach resort along Alona Beach. It was a long series of text messages but overall, she was able to get us a nice place to stay at. I was really amazed that she helped us all the way, free of charge! We just booked Kuya Tatsky and that's it! Thanks Ms. Kathy!

We booked one room good for 5 persons for only Php 2995 per night through their email address. That's really cheap! I also would like to commend their prompt response to my emails. By the way, when I chose Lost Horizon, my only criteria is the price and location. We wanted a beachfront resort as much as possible and it is. I have no idea how the room looks like upon booking. I tried searching for it's picture on Lost Horizon's website but it wasn't there. I paid half the accommodation's cost through their BPI account and after it was credited on their account, I was immediately informed of the booking confirmation.

It was just days before our trip that I emailed Lost Horizon for the pictures. They emailed me the pictures of their Eco Budget Rooms. That's when I realized that we were booked on a budget room which explains the price. I didn't mind as long as it can fit the 5 of us. Here are some of the pictures of the Eco Budget rooms provided by Lost Horizon.

All photos of the room are from Lost Horizon Beach Resort

Our room was equipped with the following:
  • 2 single beds + 1 double deck (we're 5 so there's an additional mattress)
  • spacious cabinets with safety deposit box
  • air-condition
  • refrigerator with canned soda and water (not free!)
  • tables
  • spacious bathroom with hot and cold shower plus complimentary toiletries
The only thing that lacks in the room is the intercom. Our room is located on the third floor and the reception is not even located downstairs. So we had to go out whenever we need something. The reception told us that Eco-Budget rooms lack intercom but other rooms have.

Wifi connection cannot reach our rooms but there's a computer on the reception which one can use for 15 minutes, free of charge.

There's also a small pool and a bar and restaurant for everyone to enjoy.

As for the customer service, I was really amazed. They are very polite and accommodating. They even charged my phone for free because I forgot mine. One of the staff even taught us how to count in Bisaya. I don't have any bad things to say about them. And if you might be asking, they do housekeeping.Fresh towels were also served. Whatever's left on our personal things remained untouched after we got back.

Overall, our stay in Lost Horizon Beach Resort was an unexpected delight. At an affordable price, we were offered superb services and fine accommodation. If you were to ask me, I will surely book Lost Horizon Beach Resort again on my future trips to Panglao, Bohol.

Alona Beach, Tawala, Panglao, Bohol
Telephone: 63-38-502-9099 or 4090
Fax: (63-38) 502-9088


  1. Bohol is one of my favorite place to stay with. I love the place and also their resorts offers very affordable prices.