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Whenever I go home to Bulacan, I always see this nail salon located at St. Francis Subdivision in Meycauyan, Bulacan. The salon is called "Nail Corner". I heard the owner of Nail Corner is the same as the owner of Solace Asia Spa along McArthur Highway which I haven't tried yet. I was really meaning to try the salon. But since the location of the salon is quite far from the jeepney routes, I never had a chance. So I was really happy when Nail Corner transferred to a bigger and better location which is at SM Marilao. Early this afternoon, I went to SM Marilao to try their nail services. I think it's time for me to give my hands and feet what they deserve. After all, they're the most overworked part of my body.

I availed the "Pamper Me All The Way" package which includes manicure, pedicure, hand and foot massage as well as hand and foot paraffin. The package costs 900 pesos. Foot Spa and pedicure package costs 400 pesos as of this writing. The salon has a really nice and cool theme: red and white. I must say, I was impressed. The salon is really chic.

I sat on one of the couches, the one nearest to the exit. There are few people inside, maybe because I came early at 2:30 pm. The attendants were at their 20s and are really friendly but not too chatty. I prefer that because I just want to relax and rest even just for a day. The attendant started with the hand massage. It was really relaxing. Then came my not-so-favorite part, the hand paraffin. I guess a lot of you knew how this goes. I dipped my hand in a hot melted wax. I was not expecting the wax to be that hot. But once it dries, it really feels good. Then the manicure. I chose a powder blue matte finish. It was really cute!

Then same procedure with my feet. There's the relaxing massage then the foot paraffin. The attendant told me that foot paraffin is more painful. And yes, it was! I was supposedly dipping my feet 3 times but I surrendered during the second dip. So my feet were only covered twice. Maybe next time, I can stand it. My pain tolerance now is quite low because of my monthly period. But as I said, after the wax dried out, the pain went away. With the pedicure, I chose the gray/silver matte color which looks even better. It was my first time to try light colors because I usually use dark red or tan color whenever I get my toe nails done. Maybe because the salons I used to go to don't have as much nail polish colors as Nail Corner. By the way, you have to add 50 pesos if you want a matte look. Not sure how much for the nail art or the cracked nails, though.

Overall, I was really impressed with the services of Nail Corner. The attendants are friendly but not too chatty. The place has a great ambiance and really relaxing. If you're cold, they'll offer you extra towel. If you're not comfortable, they will offer you a pillow. If you're bored, they'll offer you a magazine. The price for me is reasonable. I must say, I was really pampered all the way! I surely will go back to Nail Corner, SM Marilao branch!


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