My First Post for 2012 | Kudos to Airphil Express' 24/7 Facebook Customer Support!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I guess most of us were still up and celebrating New Year's Day. As for me, it has to be pushed tomorrow as we'll be visiting my brother on his training as a policeman. Yeah, my brother is a registered nurse-turned-policeman (soon to be). Anyway, this post isn't about him so let's proceed.

To start the year right, Airphil Express launched an airfare promo which started today, January 1, 2012. It was a 12pesos base fare promo to all domestic flights from June to November 2012. I was kinda expecting it since it has become a trend that every New Year, there's always a seat sale. Good thing, Airphil Express did not fail us.

So I was booking a flight for my family to Boracay this coming October 2012. I was still unsure about the trip but booked anyway. My credit card was nearly or has already reached its credit limit - by the way, my credit limit is only small to control my finances. Actually, a big part of of my credit card bill is mostly airfare.

So I booked for 5 people which amounted to around 2,000+ pesos - one way. I was about to finish booking when the page said that there was a problem with my credit card transaction. Knowing that my credit card has nearly maxed out, I know that booking failure is bound to happen. But I still tried anyways.

I called the attention of Airphil Express' customer support on Facebook. It was January 1, an hour after midnight so I wasn't even expecting a response right away as I know that the customer support representatives of Airphil Express are human beings too who celebrate the New Year. I was actually wrong. A few minutes, I was asked to send a message to the Apx Attendant that includes the names of the passengers as well as the itinerary details. And yeah, a couple of minutes again, I was told that I had to coordinate with the bank because my transaction didn't push through because of insufficient funds. Problem solved in minutes. Well, actually, the only problem I had is that I didn't know if I was charged part of the fare or not. But boy, I was impressed that they were able to respond even at this time. I believe that they actually anticipated the flooding of messages by people who were trying to book a promo flight.

Though I wasn't able to book a flight for my family, I was still happy and impressed with the online customer support team of Airphil Express. I hope to receive the same quality of customer service from the Airphil Express ground staff in February on my trip to Tagbilaran with my friends.

The seat sale is still on! Check out Airphil Express' website for the available flights.


  1. sayang naman yung i-book mo dapat, sobrang mura na yung for 5pax. :)