Hong Kong Fever | The Pushy Vendor at Ladies Market

Ladies Market. Image Credit: Collette Hanna

Cris and I were walking along Tung Choi Street, also known as Ladies Market, when we saw this nice bag. Not for me but for his boss. We checked it out. Then the vendor came asking what we wanted. We're just looking at it. We asked for the price. She quoted HKD 395 on a calculator. We were surprised. HKD 395 is too expensive for a brandless Divisoria-quality bag.

We turned away only to find out that she's following us. She grabbed my arm and asked me to haggle. I wasn't afraid because I already heard this scenario. And this action we took is just a tactic to bring the price down.

I went away but Cris didn't. The woman is grabbing him by the arm and he kept saying No. Finally, he haggled at HKD 100 which is more than 3x less than the price. He got the bag.

When dealing with vendors in Ladies Market, you should know that they quote high prices to tourists. You have to haggle because the prices are a total rip-off. Pretend to go away and they'll surely give in. Do not haggle if you don't have the intention to buy. They'll surely get pissed and they won't let you go. 

Happy Shopping!


  1. Thanks for sharing this sis. At least I know what to do if I get there someday.

  2. Thanks for dropping by! Medyo maaksyon talaga ang pagsshopping sa Ladies Market!

  3. parang sa divi lang sa dami ng tinda.. pero mas malinis nga lang sya.. now i know why chinese filled divi..

  4. Yeah, you're right. Ang dami nila!