Getting a Full-Time Job from Odesk

Getting a full-time job from Odesk is one of the great things I never expected to get when I was still a freelancing newbie. All I think of during that time is to do my best in order to earn myself a living. I never really expected that freelancing will be my career.

I started freelancing when I was still a graduating student from U.P. With the desire to help my family, I always do my best to deliver results way beyond my employer's expectations. I don't want to disappoint them and I don't want to lose a job due to incompetence. I took care of my feedbacks and gained the trust of employers. I started with a low rate - $0.99 as I can remember. I very well understand during that time that I won't be able to earn the trust of employers if I started really high. I want to create a nice profile, start low and climb the Odesk career/pay ladder.

It's been 2 years and still, I can't believe that I'm still here. From the $0.99 rate from a Japanese employer, I am now getting rates as high as $9. In the Philippines, the value of that rate is high enough to send my siblings to college and buy not just my needs but also my wants.

A year ago, one of my Odesk employers offered me a regular paying full-time job. I was so happy with the job that I chose this over a local job. I get to have Christmas bonus and a paid holiday leave. My employer is so understanding and cool.

I do not intend to brag about my accomplishments as a freelancer. I just want to serve as an inspiration for others. Climbing up the career ladder is never easy and it applies to freelancers as well. You have to start low in order to appreciate where you are now.


  1. Hi! I'm also an odesk contractor. Just curious what's the nature of your job with xmas bonuses and paid leave. I'm really hoping I could get one like yours.

    Thanks you very much!